Mumbai-RAJ!!! finally Raj Thackrey is threading the path that his uncle had set out three decades back. The 'marathi manoos' campaign is back!!! I wonder what happend to their party's manifesto during BMC elections. I remember Raj said that Mumbai is a metropolitan city and that everyone living here is a maharashtrian. He claimed that he wont commit the mistake that his uncle did. But as they say change is the only constant thing in life. So with the change in time, MNS policies also underwent a huge change. Now even he is equally into bhagoing bhaiyyas and biharis. O.K accepted that mumbai is being exploited beyond capacity and that the other states are doing nothing about improving their infrastructure or providing jobs for their people. But does that mean kii you shoo away everyone from here? Does mr. Raj Thackrey know that probably the doodh that his milkman provides is from a tabela managed by a bhaiyya? Does he know that the tasty dishes that he eats is mostly sold by these bhaiyyas? Does he know that it is these gujju's who make Mumbai the finanical hub of the nation? He knows all that...but yet he will make baseless comments, create confusion in the city and hit the headlines for a week or so. Yes he got a good publicity...probably will win votes from some loyal fans too. But then to what effect? Nashik's industries are already facing the brunt for this foolish attack. They are now running into loss coz all the bhaiyyas and biharis have run back to their hometown or hiding near shirdi. What Raj ideally should have done was sit together with the central government and discuss few plans to seek solution to this problem. But since politics is all about shoo-shaa and publicity, I really cannot expect Raj Thackrey to do that.

I dont know what's going to happen to my city. Despite being a south-indian, I am so much in love with Mumbai that I cant imagine myself settling anywhere outside Mumbai. I hope and sincerely pray that a decent solution comes out of this messy situation and my city is saved from further disgrace. And yes my mom hopes that Big B does not leave the industry on bhai Amar Singh's advice.

Song from me: Hey dil hain muskil hain jeena yahaan...yeh hain bambai yeh hain bambai, yeh hain bambai meri jaan

Asatyameva Fourth Estate...

I sometimes yell at myself for having opted Journalism as my major for graduation. Three years utopian concepts like:
  • Ethics
  • Creativity
  • Honesty
  • Objectivity

were taught to us. But now that I am out of this pakao graduation kii duniya, I wonder which of these bashans have really been executed in the real world? come to think of it, none of this has been executed. Creativity toh durr kii baat, yahaan toh the news are presented in such a dramatic manner that it looks similar to Ekta Kapoor's saas-bahu soaps. Infact i would say that no one can fabricate a story the way TV channels and Tabloids do. Commercialization seems to have given way to fabricated stories and kiddish sting operations and the one validating my point is none other the famous newswala Rajdeep Sardesai. I remember him saying last year that commercialization has become a priority for the news channels, as high salary is the only motivational factor for the young journalists who do not mind working on brainless stories. Add to this, we also have the political organizations and corporate houses running the media houses, which explains the biased news stories being published in a newspaper. And if you thought that only newspapers and news channels are unethical then i am afraid to say that internet is not far either. On the contrary spreading abusive and provocative news is easier through internet as the anonymity of the writer can be maintained, which makes it more dangerous.

I seriously miss those days when I and my parents watched Barkha Dutt giving minute by minute covergae about the Kargil war. I also remember the Operation West End by Tehelka editor in chief- Tarun Tejpal (infact that was when I desired to take up journalism). But sadly Satya kii yahaan koi jeet nahi hothi, hence Tarun Tejpal is not seen too much, neither do I see the bold characteristic of Barkha Dutt now. I don't know if the fourth estate would continue to look after its commercial purposes. I just hope that it does not become as jittery and as scary as the other three estates.