We shall not listen- Part 1

Starting from today, I have decided to start a series called: We shall not listen. In this series I will be expressing my views on certain topics which all of us talk about but seldom follow. I will try to update this series regularly but will not promise because I am bad at keeping promises :).

First in line is: Cleanliness

No matter how many campaigns do blah blah about maintaining cleanliness and Hygiene, we  (especially the Educated class) will never improve. In one of my ex office the condition of the lady's toilet were so bad that the management was forced to put up this notice on all the toilet doors.

Imagine, you have to teach people to keep their surroundings clean. These are the same people who boast of having quality education and work experience but do not know the importance of maintaining hygiene. Initially, after the notice was put up; people took conscious efforts to keep the toilets clean. But kutte kii doom hamesha thedi hee rehti hain. A week later, this is what I found:
Loose hair strands on wet floor and used tissue napkins adorned the toilet floor. The cleaners would become tired of continuously cleaning the floors, but people still continued with their ways. Its been a year since I quit the organization. I don't know how well maintained it is. But I am sure despite repeated warnings, people will never improve. They will continue to dirty the surroundings because: a) it is not their house and b) this is not a first world country.

Up next: Following the traffic rules

PDA se peedit

I know many of my 'broad minded' friends would pounce upon me after reading this. Some may even accuse me of being a member of Ram Sene. But, I have to write about it because yesterday's incident has left me angry and shocked.

The incident: Yesterday was mother's day; my brother and I decided to take mummy for a movie. She wanted to watch Chalo Dilli. We got the seats in the last row. One guy was sitting in the seat next to our's and my over protective mom sat next to him; while I was made to sit in between my mom and brother. The guy's  girlfriend was seated in the corner. Till the Interval everything was fine. We were enjoying the light hearted movie. But what followed post interval was embarrassing for both mom and me. The seats next to mom were shaking aggressively as though some earth quake had erupted and my mom could hardly enjoy the film as she sat on the edge of the seat and leaned towards me to watch the movie. My mom tried giving them a piece of her mind but the couple immersed in deep love or lust did not pay heed to my mom. Luckily the movie finished quickly and my mom almost ran towards the exit.

As a young citizen of this country, I am not against showing your affection in public. But there needs to be a limit to everything. Holding hands or giving a peck on the cheeks in public is acceptable, but an act such as the one mentioned above is highly embarrassing. I understand that lack of private spaces have given rise to such desperateness; but these couple should bear in mind that there are many people including the kids watching them. Can't they be little responsible? If they think that displaying love or lust in public makes them look COOL then they are wrong. It only makes them look like a FOOL.

India may be a progressive country and we may be in 21st century; but this does not give you the freedom to behave in any fashion. If you want to ape the western countries, then ape their technologies, their attitude towards people, discipline, good standard of living etc. I wish to tell the public that love is a pure feeling, please do not make it look cheap with your acts. Please do not engage in such acts in public. Do whatever you want within the confinement of your bedroom or in a good hotel room (which has no hidden cameras). Please spare the cinema halls, gardens, rickshaws and temples (yes have seen couple sticking like fevicol in Siddhivinayak temple premises). It looks ugly with your desperate behavior. Hope you will pay heed to my requests. If you cannot then wait till the sadist political groups ruin your romance under the pretext of serving the public :). Phir mat kehna kii nobody warned you :)

P.S: No use sending me pink chaddis, I have changed my residence ;-) ;-)