Happy b'day doordarshan...

Year 1989: It was a sunday. 4 year old gaya3 sat on her granny's lap and watched Arjun fighting with Kauravas. The opening score was her all-time favorite. She could not sing it properly, she made mistakes in pronouncing the sanskrit words, but she loved it anyways.

Year 1990: It was a sunday. 5 year old gaya3 did not know what malaa dee ad was all about. She innocently sang the mala dee garb nirodak golis jingle when a guest asked her to narrate a poem. Her embarassed parents took her to bedroom and told her to narrate baba black sheep the next time someone asks her to narrate a POEM.

Year 1992: It was a sunday. 7 year old gaya3 cried and threw her compass box at her brother because she was forced to go for Balvikas (a moral science class meant for kids) when Potli baba kii kahani and Jungle Book was aired. She loved watching Jungle book, but her parents wanted her to become a good human being and not a female Mowgli.

Year 1993: It was a sunday. 8 year old gaya3 was super excited because her bhai had tuned DD Metro in their TV set, DD metro was more fascinating and more entertaining than DD1. She started watching Junoon without fail every week.

Year 1995: It was a sunday. 10 year old gaya3 was surprised to see more channels being tuned in her TV set. She stared hard at the TV set when her bhai watched MTV. It was nothing like chayageet or chitrahaar that she used to watch every sunday. It had more of international songs and was more 'yo' than DD. She liked it. But she was still faithful to DD Metro.

Year 2000: As time passed, 15 year old gaya3 started loosing interest in watching DoorDarshan. She found it dull, boring and preferred watching world cup matches in Star Sports than watching them on DD. She was hooked to Cable TV.

Year 2008: Gaya3 now a 23 year old girl suddenly realized that the content of the programs aired on the various channels were almost similar. Every serial or a show was a xerox of another show or serial. She realized that entertainment is now pure thrash and that people have been fooled into watching this thrash. The mahabharat that was aired in 1980's appealed to her more than the mahabharat aired in 2008. The Jaspal Bhatti comedy 'Flop Show' made her laugh more than The Great Indian Comedy Show. A dull and drab presentation of authentic news made more sense to her than the stupid anchors shrieking at the top of their voice in every news channel without any rhyme or reason. She missed the purity and innocence of Doordarshan. But then the cable TV had made her a slave and she never switched on to Doordarshan though she was tempted to do so.

Year 2009: This week, Doordarshan celebrated it's 50th year. Gaya3 has vowed to watch Doordarshan for a whole week starting from tomorrow just to see if Doordarshan has changed it's content/format in order to keep pace with the changing tastes of the audience.

P.S: Belated Happy b'day Doordarshan. I am your fan too though not a loyal one. I know that you have a great fan following in remote areas of the country and am proud of your existence.

Note: I know most of you might have watched Doordarshan as a kid and might be having some fond memories. I do not know if I am successful in reviving those memories, but these videos surely revived the old memories of my childhood. Hope it brings a smile on your face too. Enjoy!

This is a compilation of some of the famous ads that were aired during the 80's and the early 90's

And finally this is my favorite...infact it's the current ringtone of my cell phone :)