Music, The Great Elixir of life...

I was flipping through the 'Brunch' magazine that comes every sunday with Hindustan Times. Today the cover story of Brunch discussed about the role played by music in rekindling some old (bitter and sweet) memories that we bury or forget as we move ahead in life. The writer had interviewed nine well-known celebrities about the songs that rekindles their past memories.

How I wish they had interviewed me too...coz I have not one but ten top songs that brings back some good and bad memories of my 22 years on planet earth. I shall enlist those ten songs here and also explain what kind of memory do i associate with that particular song. But before that I want to tell you the importance of music in my or for that matter everyone's life.

Music, according to me is the best healer when in pain and a positive addiction when life seems unfair to you. Forget drugs, sutta or daru, turn on the music and see what miracles it does to you. I am highly addicted to music. While solving my maths problems, while going through a rough patch in my Junior College, or while was and still remains my best friend. I need not pour out my heart to anyone...I just need to put on the music and get immersed into the world of melody.

I am not a true music aficionado, I do not follow a particular genre of music. For me anything that sounds appealing to my ears is a good music. Whether it's my mom crooning preeti sagar's nursery rhymes for me as a kid or the foot tapping numbers of RD Burman or the high pitched Rahat Fateh Ali Khan singing Bolna Halke Halke...anything that appeals to my ears is music for me.

Now enough of bakwaas...I am enlisting my top ten favorite songs in the next blog. These songs I tell you will remain my all time favorites till the time I breathe my last breath (yucks...what melodramatic statements I make).