Mile sur naya purana toh besur banega gaana...

Listen to both the versions of 'Mile Sur Mera Tumhara' and decide which one do you prefer.

Older Version:

Newer Version:

Part 1 of the video:

part 2:

I am somehow convinced that you would like the older version. Honestly, Mile Sur Mera Tumhara is an immortal song and I still listen to it till date. I had expected the newer version to be equally good. But alas, I am left disappointed.

Check it out. I only hope that the makers realize their mistakes and make a better video if possible. The makers should have realized that India is not made of bollywood celebrities alone (what was Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor doing in the video and what were they wearing?). The older version had featured awesome locations and assorted celebrities belonging to different walks of life. The newer version is not just 16 minutes long (original one is just 6 mins long) but it also lacks soul that the older one had. Also, the locations selected were not clear...(please tell me which place was Deepika representing in the video?).

The only part I liked in the new version was that of SalmanKhan and the ending part where the activities of the brave soldiers are highlighted. Else, the new version was pretty disappointing.

Do let me know your views. Your views and opinions will be highly appreciated.

Cheque de India!!!

Chalo readers, lets play a quiz, answer the following questions without looking into the newspapers or any search engine:

1. Who is the captain of Indian National Football team?
2. Who is the captain of Indian Women's Cricket team?
3. Who was the former captain of Indian Hockey Team?

Is it taking time for you to answer the above questions...chalo theek hain let me ask you the next surely know the answer for this question.


I bet you could answer the 4th question within 10 milliseconds, while it might have taken atleast 1 min to answer the first three questions. Why? Are'nt the other three games as important as Cricket (in this context only the men's cricket team)?

No, it's not your fault...even I did not know that Jhulan Goswami was the skipper of Indian Women's Cricket Team. It is the Sports Ministry and media that is to be blamed. It's cricket here, cricket there, cricket cricket everywhere (and again I am talking only about the men's cricket team). Nobody is bothered about the other games. Every other game is given step motherly treatment in our country, so much so that many of them believe that Cricket is our national game, when actually in reality it is Hockey. Our players are treated like beggars.

It was disgusting to see the way Hockey India was treating the players by first not paying their dues and then insulting them by announcing to the media that these talented players are more concerned about money than about their country. Tell me who on the earth would feel like participating in other games if this is how the Sports officials are going to treat the players? Luckily the President of IOA, Suresh Kalmadi has ensured that an amount of Rs 1 crore would be distributed among the players and thus succeeded in persuading the players to start their training for World Cup. But the question is, will the players really be paid or is this just yet another empty promise given to them...the pessimist within me believes that it is the latter.

When Abhinav Bindra won a gold medal in Olympics, he threw light upon the fact that getting sponsorship for any other games is very difficult and that it requires lot of lobbying. But if it's cricket, money comes pouring. Indian cricketers are so damn rich that every father in the country says that beta if you want to be a sportsman, then be a cricketer. The best instance is that of Yogesh Singh forcing his son Yuvraj Singh to give up skating and get into cricket. Though I admit that games like Tennis (thanks to Leander Paes, Sania Mirza etc) and Chess (thanks to Vishwanathan Anand) has gained momentum in our country, it is the relentless battle for sponsorers and the associated politics that according to me proves to be a hurdle for our bright players and withholds them from participating in International games.

It is high time that the Sports Ministry promotes other sports too and provides facilities for both professionals and the amateurs to get trained and participate in International games. Even media should try to generate interest among our young bacchalog.

Theek hain enough of my bhashan...I am logging off now. I pray that our Indian Hockey team does well in the World Cup and silences the Hockey India officials who questioned their Indianess. As our young team prepares for the game in Pune, I would like to dedicate this song to them...ENJOY!!!

All the best Hockey Team!!!