Amul can't get butter,coz it's the best!

I love ads…purani, nayi, koi bhi chalegi. Though I am a huge fan of Mentos, Fevicol and Vodafone ads, my all time favorite has to be Amul, no no I am not talking about that Amul chaddi and banianwala ads (eeks I hate those ads), I am talking about Amul butter. The Amul Hoardings occupy a special place in my heart. If you have missed on some imp news, no problem, the amul hoardings would cover those issues in their own ishtyle. Don’t believe me? check these images, I am sure you will love them.

This hoarding was put up after Ratan Tata announced his plans to manufacture the affordable nano cars.

I like Sreesanth. But I wonder kii Sreesanth ko aakhir gussa kyun aata hain?

babuji alert rehna, politics mein zara sambhalna, oh bade dhoke hain, bade dhoke hain is rah mein (hopeless parody from my side)

Boley toh I love this hoarding. It looks cute

The caption 'chai ho' reminds me of bun maska with chai that were available in Iranian hotels. yum yum...i miss them now :(

I love the way Amul plays with words: Butter ko Boot-er bana diya. Now you know why I said Amul hoardings can't get butter sorry better than this?

And finally, this one remains my all time favorite. Loved the way the artist had portrayed the confused eyes.

Haan toh doston, aaj ke liye itna lesson khafi hain. Coming Next: my opinion on news channels and the hungry journos :)

Till then...enjoy this TV commercial of Amul...My mom used to zabardasti make me drink doodh by showing this ad.