Four things to do when you are suffering from the writer’s block…

  •   Have you been staring at a blank document for too long?
  •  Have you been doodling on a page to get random ideas?
  • Do you find constipation to be a lesser trouble than writing something?

If the answers to the aforementioned questions is a ‘Yes’, then tan ta daaaa, you are suffering from a condition called ‘writer’s block’.

I’ve been suffering from Writer’s Block since my school days. Every time I saw my question paper, I went blank. I would see everywhere; panic when someone took an extra supplement and would almost cry while giving the nearly blank answer sheet to the supervisor.

But I still loved writing and took it up as my profession. Yesterday, while going through one of my writer’s block phases, my college buddy – Ankit suggested that I write about it. So here we go, I am going to give you four things to do when you go through writer’s block. I hope you find it useful. Even if you don't, pretend that you loved my article.

Tip # 1: Find some trashy stuff to write about…
 If you don’t find a nice topic, watch a trashy cult film like Gunda, Jaani Dushman, or read an equally trashy bestseller like I too had a love story. Once you’re done, you have enough ‘matter’ to write about.
Psst: You can also write about Set Max’s obsession with Suryvansham and Nayak if you want ;-)
Tip # 2: Sit at CCD and pretend that you are ideating!
Unlike my favourite Udipi restaurants; the CCD guys allow you to sit at CCD as long as you want. So what if you have ordered just one cup of coffee, you can sit there for hours and pretend that you are ideating. Even if you are unable to come up with a nice idea, the ambiance will make you feel better, and who knows you may end up writing about how the smell of coffee wakes up the poet within you.
 Tip # 3: Read Scoop Whoop
Scoop Whoop is a cute, stupid website that enlists some random 10 things about why South Indian girls make a better girlfriend, or 10 traits of a hyperactive friend. There you go! Just find a random topic such as ten styles of dogs doing susu and write about it. Don’t forget to add some aww pictures to get more page hits.
Tip # 4: Twitter it is!
How do you think the newspaper fills its pages? Twitter baba zindabad. Not in a mood to write anything? Just login to twitter, find a trending topic, find some outrageous tweets on that topic, and write an article about it. All you need to do is give a 2-3 lines introduction on the topic and give the screenshots of these tweets with a preceding line: And here’s what xyz had to say about abc…put few of such tweets, and your write-up is ready within 10 minutes.

So the next time, you have a writer’s block, you know what to do…if you have any more tips, don't share them with me. Share them on your blog, see jaate jaate ek aur idea de diya. Sweet me!