Remembering the Indian TV ads...

Like it or loathe it, advertisements play an integral part in every medium. Be it radio, TV, newspapers or magazines...advertisements have to be there. You need no high IQ to realize that every medium thrives on the revenue generated by ads. Today, I am going to enlist some of my favorite current and old classic TV ads that have remained my all-time favorites since I started watching TV. So watch the videos and enjoy!!!

(I just used to love that granny...a jolly good old lady and I would imitate her everytime after watching the ad)

(Justloved it for no apparent's just that the ad still remains fresh in my mind)

(I guess no one could capture the true picture of India and it's psyche the way Bajaj did)

(The old couple looked so cute...I especially liked the scene where the granny blushes when her abhi toh main jawaan hoon husband gifts her the diamond ring)

(Very witty...How I wish I could come up with such concepts)

(This ad captures the essence of one of India's recent revolution...the white revolution, just love the rustic feel of the song)

(This is my recent fav ad)

(good way of catching fishes naa?? Loved the expression of both the characters)

(I am still a complan girl :))

(Simply cute...I still say jalebee the way this kid does)

Note: Soon to fav hoardings and print ads...

Who do I wish to see in power the next year??

I remember 5 years back I had just turned 18 and I voted for a candidate (wont name him) for the first time in my life. I felt so proud of myself that I just could not stop myself from showing off the black ink on my index finger. When the results were declared, I was happy...Congress had won FINALLY. Atleast there shall not be some old men ranting about Hinduism, there would be no Godhara riots, no babri masjid or rath yatra bullshit happening. I was even more excited when I learnt that our PM would be Manmohan Singh ( one of the best economists we have) , I was happy to learn that PC Chidambaram will be our Finance Minister (daddy said he's the best). I thought that the Golden era for India has arrived!!! I thought indeed Congress ka haath hoga aam aadmi ke saath!!!

Four years and seven months have passed, it's time for next elections. In these four odd years India has witnessed many sad incidents. I just do not wish to enlist it coz there's too much to be listed and I have no energy to do so. Manmohan and his cabinet ministers despite being highly educated and all have not delivered much. We all are angry, especially now after the recent Mumbai terror attacks. All of us want a dynamic leader to take charge of our nation. Expectations have increased more after US Presidential elections announced Barack Obama as the next US president. I am still hoping that there would be someone really dynamic coming into power. Here is a list of people who I actually wish to see in power (for some departments I have no choices):

PM: Ratan Tata or Narayan Murthi
Finance Minister: Amartya Sen
Home minister: Kiran Bedi
Defence Minister: I donno probably someone who has been in the defence system (someone who is morally upright and knows the nitty-gritties of the defence force) would be the ideal candidate.
I&B ministry: Can't think of any ideal candidate as of now. But someone as dynamic as Prannoy Roy would do for me.
Railway ministry: I dont want Lalu Prasad Yadav to go coz he has done some good things for railways. I kind of like him.
Health ministry: I have never had issues with Ramadoss so I am ok with him.
HRD: This department needs someone who is fair in making decisions and takes Human Resource (which actually is high in India) seriously. I pray no one like Arjun Singh should get the post.

There are still loads of portfolios to be discussed and I shall keep updating it as and when I can think of suitable candidates for suitable portfolios. Till then it's Tata, bye-bye from me.

Psst: by chance anybody is reading this post wishes to suggest some good candidate for any portfolio...u r free to do so :)