It's not me, but my surging frustration dominating this particular blog...

Today as I continously watched the recent terrorist attacks in mumbai (armed with curd rice and remote control) I just got frustrated. I wanted to go there and help out the innocent victims of these attacks. With the time passing by and new reports cropping up...following were the thoughts that came to my otherwise dead brain:

  1. Why is it that the actors-actresses get paid highly when actually the real heroes are our Mumbai police, ATS and the NSG?
  2. Why is it that whenever there is a terrorist attack, we conviniently blame the politicans?
  3. Why is it that our honourable PM, Sonia Gandhi, RR Patil, Shivraj Patil, Pratibha Patil (the goongi gudiya-2) and BJP's evergreen poster grandpa L.K Advani mouth the same old dialogues about they condemning the terrorist acts and that they will punish the guilty (probnably they forgot that 1993's blast cases are still pending).
  4. Why is it that we get 100's of touchy forwarded sms about condemning the barbaric acts and so on (mobile operators kii chandi hee chandi hogi)

I usually get no answers for my never-ending questions. But this time I attempted to talk to paanwala uncle, chaiwala uncle, my 2-3 opinionated friends, my parents and ofcourse a random chat with an unknown person in the northern hemisphere and lastly a self-conversation with myself and guess what I got some valuable and stupid insights on the questions above. After lot of data assimilation and analysis, I have come up with the following answers:

ans 1: Police, ATS, NSG have to get a good salary. They need motivation to work and what better motivation than a good salary and the assurance that their family would be protected even after their death. Infact there should be a policy stating that atleast one person from every house must compulsorily join the defence or the police force. As for actors-actresses getting so highly paid, well that's inevitable...we are the one's who give them fukat bhaav and that in turn encourages them to ask for unbelievable sum (i would call it ransom). The government should seriously review the salary structure of our brave heroes.

ans 2. It's duniya kaa niyam...when there is a crisis, we never blame ourselves...we blame others. In this case we blame the fat, snoring politicians. Are'nt we also equally responsible for all this? We tag our resilient behaviour as a matter of bravery. We should not just bounce back to life as though nothing has happend. We must pressurise the government and everyone concerned to take some bold steps so that our city does not become this vulnerable everytime. And if you think it's impossible...i suggest you give a thought to our freedom struggle or the recent Jessica Lal case. Lil bit pressure and the legal system did it's work. Resiliency is a form of cowardice not bravery. So stop being resilient and stand for your safety.

ans3. everyone wants publicity...why should our politicians remain behind?

ans4. forwarded messages are good (its a way of showing solidarity) but that's just not enough. ans2 needs to be executed if we are so concerned about the city.

Conclusion: It's 12.00 at night...I got to rush to office in the morning (lot of work to do yaar). So Time to Sleeeeeep.

Psst: Did i somewhere mention about resiliency being a form of cowardice and not bravery??? well..with a heavy heart I must admit i am one of those cowards too.

Let Peace Prevail! Jai Hind!


The Layman said...

I don't know if resilience is cowardice.
But I know it is necessary. Without it we will soon be fighting our own civil wars.

But you are right. just resilience is not enough!

"Infact there should be a policy stating that atleast one person from every house must compulsorily join the defence or the police force.

What if a family has just one son or daughter.. (I'm presuming the policy would be genderlss)


gayathri-vishwanathan said...

@layman...yes resiliency may not necessarily be the form of cowardice but again in this is. mere peace protests and lighting up candles are not enough...i am not saying that we should fight just for the heck of it (like we did after 93 blasts) but we must put our foot down now coz we and our brave spirits are being taken for granted.

as for the policy...well i am presuming that genderless policy can be applicable even though its now sounding a bit impractical to me too.

The Layman said...

Grave times calls for brave measures..
Who knows!

Blog world is already abounding with ideas of compulsory military training for all youth! You are not alone. I just feel there are many other things that can be done than a forced policy.

PS: The government should seriously review the salary structure of our brave heroes.

Voila! ur wish might be granted :)

gayathri-vishwanathan said... the cost of sounding cruel I just hope there is a price cut for actors-actresses too, b'coz they surely dont deserve 2-3 or 60 crores for every assignment. Hope that much of money is invested in something useful.