Amul can't get butter,coz it's the best!

I love ads…purani, nayi, koi bhi chalegi. Though I am a huge fan of Mentos, Fevicol and Vodafone ads, my all time favorite has to be Amul, no no I am not talking about that Amul chaddi and banianwala ads (eeks I hate those ads), I am talking about Amul butter. The Amul Hoardings occupy a special place in my heart. If you have missed on some imp news, no problem, the amul hoardings would cover those issues in their own ishtyle. Don’t believe me? check these images, I am sure you will love them.

This hoarding was put up after Ratan Tata announced his plans to manufacture the affordable nano cars.

I like Sreesanth. But I wonder kii Sreesanth ko aakhir gussa kyun aata hain?

babuji alert rehna, politics mein zara sambhalna, oh bade dhoke hain, bade dhoke hain is rah mein (hopeless parody from my side)

Boley toh I love this hoarding. It looks cute

The caption 'chai ho' reminds me of bun maska with chai that were available in Iranian hotels. yum yum...i miss them now :(

I love the way Amul plays with words: Butter ko Boot-er bana diya. Now you know why I said Amul hoardings can't get butter sorry better than this?

And finally, this one remains my all time favorite. Loved the way the artist had portrayed the confused eyes.

Haan toh doston, aaj ke liye itna lesson khafi hain. Coming Next: my opinion on news channels and the hungry journos :)

Till then...enjoy this TV commercial of Amul...My mom used to zabardasti make me drink doodh by showing this ad.


Sam said...

Lovely post!!!! Where did you get the pics from?

raMmY said...

lovely post!! i was smiling all through it when i was reading!! :) ...So true, amul ads are one of a kind and so special ads!..

I used to cut out the ad part from the cartons and keep them as a collection wen i was a kid!!each one of them signified some imp development in the country! Such innovative way to attract kids.. true example of "Value Addition" and "Brand Distinction". Sweet Simple and Superb ( Just like the taste of the butter!!)

Again, wonderful post!! write more like these!! its always a pleasure to read ur posts!!


Lakshmi said...

I got similar ads in a mail last week..I love Amul ads too.. the first thing I used to do as a kid was to check out the back cover to see wat was put thr... :)Utterly Butterly Delicious.... ;)

Anonymous said...

sahi hai!
Liked each and every ad!
I had a colection of amul ads when I was small...lost them while shifting houses :-(
utterly butterly intelligent - ads of amul :-)

Abhinav said...

yeah.. those amul ads rock!! they hv been rocking for years now!!!
really very innovative and funny!

doodh doodh doodh doodh.. peeyo glass full doodh... so that chai wala idea might have come because of this one !

chai chai chai chai.. peeyo ek cutting chaai!

A S said...


I was actually waiting for ur new post yaar !

yup, Amul ads are just too creative, they are cute and bubbly :D

yar I love that song..piyo glassful .......hehehehe :D

blunt edges said...

n 2 think d amount of cals dat hv found their way into my system thru amul ;)

gud one :D

Insignia said...

Oops, seemed to have missed out your post...My bad.. I was waiting for one since some time and figured out today..Shucks!!

Anyways, nice post. I love the Amul ads too. They are so innovative and simple, but convey aptly. There was one after which A R Rahman won Oscars for 'Jai Ho'. The ad went like 'Chai Ho'...

Recently there was an ad posted on a billboard which showed tired Indian cricket team after their T20 WC debacle. I forgot the words..

The phrases are catchy and they always pick up the current hot topic.

Lakshmi said...

Miss... U have been tagged :)

Parikshith Kumar said...

Ha ha, sahi hai. Amul is the king of butter and puns, oops buns. :-)

DPhatsez said...

Ek dum jhakaas!
Doodh Doodh Rocks :)

Good one GV!

Sandeep said...

Gayathri Wonder"full" again.....

Nice collection....

yaa nice khichdi...

Shanu said...

Awesome...i love Amul ads too..infact there is one near andheri station and i make it a point to chk it out whenever i pass by!

gayathri-vishwanathan said... zindabad! i got them all from there one's naa? and sorry i could not reply to your message when there was heavy rains, i had no balance to reply...i was safe, hope u r safe too.

rammy, thanks buddy! will ensure that i keep updating my blog, i am happy that you update your's regularly

hehehe lakshmi, even i used to do the same thing...btw thanks for tagging me...i liked my nickname pyasi aatma :)

ramya, thanks for dropping in...i had a collection too but my parents threw it i am making a virtual collection of it now...they are one of the best ads i have ever seen.

abhinav, i agree amul ads indeed rock! i love each one of them. chai,chai,chai yeh accha idea diya tune, thankuu

AS, thanks AS peeyo glassful doodh was my fav ad too!

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

blunt edges its ok if u have put on lot of 1 thing naa u still stick on to amul lite cal kam ho jayega.

Insignia, it's ok i know you must be busy...i am glad u dropped by, thanks and keep writing!

parikshith, yeh le isi baat pe tereko butter kaa packet bejti hoon. chal catch kar!

oye D, thank u boss! main soch hee rahi thi yeh banda kuch comment kyun nahi maara.

thanks sandeep :)

shanu, mujhe aaj kal amul ke ads nazar nahi aate yaar, chal aaj hee shaam ko jaake will check out the ads near andheri station

BrownPhantom said...

Oh yes, it really can't get butter :).They twist the words very well. Always bring a smile on the face.
And thanks for the "Doodh wala Ad" :)

Shanu said...

So gayi thi kya andheri station to check out the ads?

PS: Tu andheri main rehti hai ya ads dekhne ke liye specially jaane wali thi?

Scattered Thoughts... said...

ye to bada toing hai :D

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

brown phantom...yeah i just love the way they twist the words...pun is fun!

shanu main goregaon mein rehti i did not get to see those ads :,( in andheri.

st, nahiiiiiiiiii woh wali amul was bad, terrible, bakwaas...amul kaa naam mithi mein mila diya

hary!! said...

wow!can simply feel them rite before me now:) and sure i did hav a glee when i started readin this :) Amul ads are real special and can still remember the ads from doordarshan during childhood !sweet write

iceprincess said...

aahh..reminds me of my childhood...
i feel so old now...sigh.....
nice one ....

Quest said...

Got drowned in the downpour? :D or in the high waves of debris ? ;)

Stupidosaur said...

Yeah! Amul ads are the best! And coincidentally the current second post from top on my blog has something related...or not.

pawan said...

There is one spot in Visakhapatnam where these hoardings are put, and as you said these hoardings helped me to understand many complex issues. I happened to befriend one of the painters who paint those ads, and he told me how they drew these hoardings and all.

And here comes the funniest part, I have never tasted Amul Cheese, butter or milk ever in my life!

But as you said, Amul hoardings is something which I cherish for a lifetime!

Great post!

sugandha said...

Hi, this is Sugandha this side... read your blog about Amul ads... I am looking for people who have been cllct amul ads and have kept them like a prized possession. If you do it or if you some one like that please let me knw

Anonymous said...

Oye, let's go out for an Amul ice-cream !

My friends and I still sing that.

Lovely post.

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! 'Eggs & tamatars'! =))

Hopped in from AS' blog. Nice sense of humour... I'm hooked.

And this post brought to surface a lot of old memories! Amul has always been the master of such one-liner ads. I used to actually cut these out from the 500gm packs of Amul butter, and collect them when I was a kid! Had over 2 dozens of such "cards"! :p

Prem said...
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Prem said...

Hi Gayi,

Ek dum mast post yaar. I just luv Amul ads, they bring out so damn gud ideas....creativity!! Came across your post while I was working on a study on Amul. Thanks, your blog have given a pic of people's interest on Amul's ad.

Will keep an eye on ur posts going forward.....Thanks again and appreciate ur efforts on such lovely posts.



Reflections said...

Yeah I really miss those ads now...infact when I go on vacation I delibrately take the long way home just to chk out the amul hoarding on a particular rd

Thanks for all the pics....enjoyed them:-))

mystery said...

hey dats lovely... even i share same thoughts as yours...i too follow the hoardings in Andheri of Amul...they are awesome!!!