A story of our life.

I had received this beautiful mail from one of my friend. I am sharing it with you...do read it whenever you get time. I bet all of you will be able to relate to it (though the subject line reads: Emotions of a software techie).

WARNING: It's a senti and longish mail...so people who are fond of such mails should surely read it and people who can't take it should also surely read it ;-) (come on ab apne dost ke liye itna toh kar sakte ho naa)


It was raining heavily outside. Dark clouds gathered in the sky and nature was in its ominous best. I took a break from my work and went to the pantry to grab a cup of coffee. I had a sip and went near the window to see the rain pouring down heavily outside the glass structure. I was inside our huge office building, unruffled by even the fierceness of the nature.

Through the heavy transparent glass, I could see a small girl trying to hold on to her umbrella which the wind was snatching away from her. I felt sorry for the girl, and was happy that I was not in a similar pathetic situation. Yes. I take pride for the fact that I am a software engineer.

I have everything which a common man would envy; money, status, respect, you name it I have it

I always wanted to be software professional and here I am, working for one of the best firms in the world. But then, am I really happy? Now, I could see an imprint of my palm on the other glass window, through which I reminisced my past, basked in the warmth of the sun shine.
My childhood was so much of fun. I vividly remember those rainy days, when I hugged my mother tightly during sleeping listening to all the stories told by her.

Now, I have a big house here, but then it is just a house, not a home. My parents are pretty far away from me now. I have a cell phone to talk to them everyday, but then I really miss those dinners which I had with my family everyday. I could easily afford to taste all the different cuisines these days, but the best of food there, lack the love and affection which is present in the food prepared by my mother.

I threw a lavish party for my colleagues for my birthday, but then they would never replace the birthdays when my friends secretly brought a cake and at the end, half of the cake would have ended up on my face.

The couple of hundred bucks that u save for a long period just to give a treat to your friends in the road side chat shop can never give the pleasure even after spending a few thousand bucks these days.

The scene of me crying and refusing to have dinner on the day when I fought with my best friend came to my mind. Today, she has gone far away from me, taking away my love and with it my life, but I am sitting and coding here with a false smile on my face. Everyday I meet new people, but then I long ceased to make a new friend.

It's true that I have a lot of things now.

I have a nice bed, but no time to sleep. Lots of money, but no friends to spend it with. The latest designer clothes, but a worn out body .

Awards for technical excellence, but no reward for the crave for peaceful ambience. A confident demeanor, but a reluctant and apathetic mind. Full of rain, but no sunshine even in the farthest distance.

Now, I could see the small girl on the road enjoying in the rain with her umbrella firmly in her grip. She might not have all the comforts which I have, but then she has the innocence and fun which I lost a long time back.

I have decided to come out of this false fantasy, even if it is at the expense of losing the tap of the software engineer. I am going to again enjoy my life. I am going to go out in the rain and play with the small kid now. I removed my tie, and went near my computer to shut it down. Just then, I saw a new mail alert in my mail box. I slowly opened Lotus Notes and I found a message from my manager with an attachment saying that there was a critical defect in the code and I have to fix it soon. I convinced myself that I am not going to get bogged down again by these pressures and stick to my decision. I ignored the mail and went to the rest room. After a couple of minutes, the software engineer in me came out, his shirt tucked in, sat before the computer, and started typing,,


I am looking into the defect and will send the patch files before EOD.


Software Engineer.


Insignia said...

It is so very true Gayathri.

Someone has spoke his/her heart out. One has house, no home...money, no cravings...its all mechanical life.

Thanks for sharing it. I can only relate to it, and just hope things change, but in this dog eat dog world, I doubt it.

The Layman said...

waaah !!

beautiful :)

Anna said...

Someone is crying for help and does not know how to get out from his own comfort zone. Thanks for posting this email, sometimes we do forget what is important in life - work can be addictive, and so the material world. Excellent post again, Anna :)

Uncommon Sense said...

i knew this things long ago,, so i didnt choose a normal life.. i chose something else

Anita :) said...

Someone just read my mind. Beautiful Composition.

Parikshith Kumar said...

Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

I could see me in every paragraph out there.

Sam said...

Patches!! Yeah I know how annoying these are.. Good mail BTW.

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

Hi All,

I am glad that all of u liked it and could relate to it if not fully then atleast in bits

blunt edges said...

so freaking true!

A S said...


nice yaar, we tend to become cut-off and alone as we go towards the top! every life has its own pros and cons...

Archana said...

Lol interesting read. :) I don't have too many friends in software related jobs, most of my friends are in Investment banking/marketing, but yeah, the real world and the corporate "9-5" world does suck the life out of a lotta things. That's why you've got to work hard, but make room to play harder. Yay weekends, haha.

Uncommon Sense said...

nice, thou i cant xactly relate to it

~nsk said...

hmm can empathise with that so easy :) .. havent seen a sunset in ages!

Ghushe said...

Spent a lot of time here. Great posts. You remind me of an old blogger friend Pingu. She, in her own words, used to be an "IT coolie" and wrote much like you .... wanted to comment on a lot of posts - but too lazy to do that - so just this: "May the wit always be with you" :)

HaRy!! said...

oh ya i hav read this 2 years back and when i was busy(not that am not now :) ) really made me wonder!!! y cant we just give in!! damn! snif it hurts yet we move on...dont we!


Rohit said...

Thank God I am not a software engineer ..lolz..Thanks for sharing the email..as you mentioned almost anybody can connect to it..

Sandeep Balan said...

i read your about me first on ur profile and then this post. True to your words...u did strike a personal chord somewhere :-)


The Holy Lama said...

Take time to live because life has so much give:)

Saigonstar said...

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