We shall not listen- Part 1

Starting from today, I have decided to start a series called: We shall not listen. In this series I will be expressing my views on certain topics which all of us talk about but seldom follow. I will try to update this series regularly but will not promise because I am bad at keeping promises :).

First in line is: Cleanliness

No matter how many campaigns do blah blah about maintaining cleanliness and Hygiene, we  (especially the Educated class) will never improve. In one of my ex office the condition of the lady's toilet were so bad that the management was forced to put up this notice on all the toilet doors.

Imagine, you have to teach people to keep their surroundings clean. These are the same people who boast of having quality education and work experience but do not know the importance of maintaining hygiene. Initially, after the notice was put up; people took conscious efforts to keep the toilets clean. But kutte kii doom hamesha thedi hee rehti hain. A week later, this is what I found:
Loose hair strands on wet floor and used tissue napkins adorned the toilet floor. The cleaners would become tired of continuously cleaning the floors, but people still continued with their ways. Its been a year since I quit the organization. I don't know how well maintained it is. But I am sure despite repeated warnings, people will never improve. They will continue to dirty the surroundings because: a) it is not their house and b) this is not a first world country.

Up next: Following the traffic rules


Harman said...

its basically environment around!Cleanliness comes from culture and environment I was in fact surprised when I came to US to see people are so cultured,toilets are clean and people standing in cue without any frustrations or helping senior citizens or even to the extent cleaning the wash basin area with paper towel before leaving the area!
its culture,we lack in that!

Insignia said...

We are like that only!! Uumppphh!!

Bikramjit said...

Mentality how do we change that.. but its a shame that not jsut there things are changing here in UK too. and I am sorry to say being a asian myself , I do think that Its us who have brought this mentality here to this country too.

I have a simple logic, If i see anyone throw anything on road , I have my ticket ready and belvie me when it hurts the POCKET they dont do it again. thats the way to do it


A S said...

hii Gayathri

yes, in big things people try to create an impression, they try to create an image of themselves in front of people but only in small things like throwing napkins and strands loose on floor, they unconsciously show what they really are.

a thoughtful post.. awaiting the next part eagerly!!

moonlite:D said...

i call them hypocrites.

good write up :), waiting for the upcomings in the series :)

dr.antony said...

It is the civic sense.It comes with good culture and civilization.

We have a chute to dump the garbage.But every morning I find all garbage bags around the chute and spilled over on to the stairs.They just don't have the patience to drop it in to the chute.Every one living here are educated and well placed.

BK Chowla, said...

We have an attitude of defiance.We lack the basic civic sense but are a great ones in preaching to our next door neighbour.

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

Hi Harman, u r right we lack in hygiene and cleanliness. But then these same people keep their home so spic and span. Why cant they extend this hygiene to public places too?

Insignia how i wish we were not like that

Bikram i agree if your act leads to lose of money, you would not repeat it. But then fine should be very high, if it is just 100 rs or so people wont really follow these rules :P

AS u r right...somehow they do tend to show their habits without themselves realizing it. For instance, I had one female boss in one of my ex office who would conveniently forget to flush after using the toilet, imagine how the person using it after her would feel?

Hi CV, yes they r hypocrites, wonder when they would learn :)

Dr. Anthony true even I have witnessed this in my locality...it looks so disgusting. I feel bad for the sweepers.

Chowla sir, true and to some extent even I fall under this category. But that was in school days. I used to stick bubblegums on my neighbour's signboard and run :P now i am a good girl :)

blunt edges said...

I guess there's nothing I can say here, that hasn't already been said by the ones who have commented before me.

If we can't keep our restrooms clean, we bloody well shouldn't claim to be a developing nation!

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

Yaa bluntu u r right we cannot call ourselves as a developed nation unless we improve our mentality.

Jack said...


I am sure visit to houses of some of those persons will astound you as those may be worse than pig's sty. I agree with Harman that it is culture. It is how we teach good things for life to our children needs to undergo change.

Take care

PS : I had read the post 5 days ago but could not comment due to some problem and then my PC was down till today.

Harpreet said...

I know from whr u have taken the image :P

Harpreet said...

I know from whr u have taken that dustbin wali image :P