An open letter to South and North Indian public

Dear North Indian and South Indian public,

Enough is enough! Why do you guys have to take away the limelight from the rest of the country?

First it was Kamal Hassan and Rati Agnihotri in Ek Duje Ke Liye. Then came Chetan Bhagat with a book on his marriage where again the protagonists were North Indians and South Indians.

And now just when Kolkata started getting recognition from Kahaani and West started getting recognition from Aradhya bachan and grandpa bachan, you guys successfully took away the limelight from us by writing immature articles such as this one.

Kabhi socha hain humein kitna complex hotha hoga.

You remember us only when someone gets you rasgullas or vada pav. You discuss about us only during budget as our FM is a bengali and when the sensex reaches a new low during economic crisis.

Otherwise you never pay any attention to our existence :(

FYI, we also have our own music, dance, distinct cuisine, our own charm and idiosyncrasies haan. So zyada shine nahi maarneka.

For you music is categorized into carnatic and Hindustani classical only, ever thought the soulful tukaram abhangs are also a form of music? 

For you Indian classical dance is all about Kathak and Bharat Nataym,  ever seen Manipuri dancers dance?

For you North Indians = brawn, South = brain, ever thought Subash Chandra Bose and Vikram Sarabhai were neither South Indian nor North Indian.

Its not that we want any bhaav, we just want peace. India is a great country but we are already in doldrums due to multiple problems. Instead of fighting within ourselves over trivial matters such as whose culture is the best... can't we set an example by showing the world how united we are despite diversity?

Our sincere request, stop acting pricey. Just go to Madras Cafe or a highway ka dhaba and eat Dosas + mor or parathas + lassi and patch up. Don't make curds out of my brain now (dhimaak ka dahi), just stop fighting like chunnu munnu and pinky. 

Hope you will behave properly from now on.

Chalo aavjo!

With loads of love,
- Western, Eastern and Central part of India!


Abhinav said...

Arey G3, why you bothered to write a blog. We know that we love all Indians alike. That champu writer wanted to get some mileage because of he was pissed off because of Bangalore's traffic. he didn't want to make it some serious issue.

Enjoy it and if you already have dahi ready, make curd rice and relish it with lassi.

I like East Indians as well. Nomoshkar, ek minit.

gayathri vishwanathan said...

Champu writer criticized north so I think he was stuck in dilli :)

moonlite:D said...

really pissed off, eh!, to come out with a post like that..

right punch with good humor :)

BK Chowla, said...

No,its really not so.
Come to Delhi and you willget amongst the best Dosas.It might surprise you,the clients are more Punjabis than SouthIndians.
Next time in Delhi,my wife willgive you the best Idlis you have evr had along with outstanding Rasam

Bikramjit said...

ha look who is here :)

forget about a moron like the writer , he is welcome ot stay in his home no wonder his mindset is only that big :)

How you doing ..

Jack said...


Navigated to link given by you and scanned it. I agree with you that we need to give due credit to each part of our nation. As a matter of fact we need to feel as ONE and not from this place or that place.

Take care

Dr Roshan said...

There was too much generalisation in there... I'm surprised its allowed to be published in such sites.. it's kinda insulting to lots of people : singers, Northies, Muslims... take your pick.