Why that song inspired me so much...

I am not a Bon Jovi fan...but this song had hit me at the right time.

To begin with, I have been brought up in a conservative South Indian family, where everyone of us chose to thread a safe and conventional path. Be it career, marriage or anything...we always took the safe path. My parents never really enjoyed life. They probably never understood the true essence of life. At every phase they have sacrificed their desires for the sake of others. In a nutshell, they are living a life full of compromises.

I do agree that sometimes compromises needs to be made to make relationships and situations work. But then kab tak? I have seen my close ones- be it my parents, my brother or my close friends making compromises to make life easier. But the million dollar question is: Are they happy with their decision? I bet they are not.

All my minute observations coupled with Bon Jovi's song has brought me to a conclusion that I need to live my life to the fullest coz life is short. I ain't gonna live forever...I just want to live while I'm alive...coz IT'S MY LIFE!!!


Sudheer said...

Bon Jovi's songs are very inspiring. Bed Of Roses is my favorite Bon Jovi number.


Mona said...

hey gal, this is an amazing post! i totally agree with u, compromize sometimes becomes a way of life... its time we start living our life on our own terms ... cheers to dat!

wolf counsellor said...

that's exactly where most people lose out. u need to pursue ur dreams

RJ said...

Hey Gayathri,

I don't like the "kab tak" part of it. I think some compromises are good, some have a flip side to it. I would like to compromise if it's worth the effort, specifically with relationships. Moreover, compromising does not always equal to not living your life. haina? haina?

Having said all of that, I like your post & I love the song (& the video). Ain't tht girl cute at the end? ;-D

Keep smiling buddy n it's our life,