पानी पानी रे...

This is a very serious issue that I wish to raise. The issue is water shortage!!!
This is surprising. My geography teacher taught us that 79% of planet earth is covered by water and the rest of 21% by land. If that's true then why is it that we face shortage of water? Why is it that two states (read it as: Tamil Nadu and Karnataka) fight over a Cauvery river? Why is it that daily Vidarbha farmers commit suicide because they do not have enough facilities to do agriculture?

Questions are many...but unfortunately answer is none. Every summer we read about the grim situation of watersupply. Every year the water tax increases. I fail to understand that why an element like water that is supposed to be in abundance has become a matter of concern. Probably the reason lies in the haphazard planning done by the builders, city architects and ofcourse the government babus. Reclamation may be the order of the day in the city but what they fail to understand is that by doing so they are actually depriving many others from the planet's most important source.

Why just reclamation...even we ourseleves tend to waste water unconsciously. I do that too considering we have 24 hours water supply. But a single day spent in a place without water taught me the importance of this great elixir of life.

I indeed hope that people shall share my concern and ensure that water is not wasted in any way. This is an urgent issue that calls in for urgent precautionary measures. A small precautionary measure from all of us can enable the ratio of water:land to remain the same...



RJ said...

Hey Gayathri,

Nice post and a nice though! Check this too!


Keep posting and keep smiling!

gayathri-vishwanathan said...


fistly i must say i liked reading your blogs...funny te thought provoking...keep writing such amazing blogs!!!

secondly thanks for writting in....

RJ said...

@Gayathri - me too love reading your posts.

+ve thg - it's like talking to somebody, very lively and very open

-ve thg - you don't write everyday :)

Keep writing and let's make a difference in our own small way!

venividivici said...

u ve got a point there though,
guess thats what Coleridge had in mind when he wrote the Rime of the ancient mariner,i quote " water water everywhere not a drop to drink " :)