How I wish I was Gabbar...

Firstly, before I begin with this grrwala post, let me share a good news with you. After three months of facing the wrath of unemployment and recessional atyachaar...I finally got a job. Can't really write much about it as it's been just two days since I joined the new firm. Will update that once I become used to the organization.

Now back to the topic. One may wonder why on the earth, of all the people do I wish to become Bollywood's greatest and most celebrated Villain? It's b'coz just like the tobacco stained teethwala villain who cut or in doctor's terms amputated Thakur's hands, I too am itching to cut off the hands of perverts/cowards who seek immense pleasures in touching or manhandling a woman in crowded, public places. Buses, Trains, Shopping Malls, Lifts, even's there everywhere. What's worse, by the time the victim reacts, the guilty disappears. And the victim is left wondering, who the hell did that to her?

Almost every woman must have gone through this disgusting experience. Moral Police may happily accuse the woman for dressing up in the most inappropriate manner and seducing men. But honestly, I do not agree with them. A woman has the right to dress up as she wants. Why should she wrap herself from head to toe just to avoid the perverts and their disgusting intentions? Moreover, I and my friends wear decent clothes...yet we have faced such situations. So dress code is not the real solution for this issue.

The real solution is to punish the culprits in the most meanest manner. Here, a rapist is sentenced to just 7-10 years of imprisonment. Worse, by the time the guilty is imprisoned; the victim is not just physically battered...she is also mentally, emotionally and economically battered and shattered. With a weird law such as this, a woman is left to feel unsafe. People say capital punishment is ghastly and inhuman. But for ghastly acts such as these, capital punishment seems appropriate. I know I sound harsh, but I am sure that capital punishment would surely infuse some amount of fear in the minds of other cowards. If this sounds as a bad deal, then there should be more fast track courts set up to sort out such issues and the guilty should be sentenced to atleast life imprisonment.

In the end all I can say to all my beheno (sisters) is that please if you are lucky enough to see the face of the man who has harassed you, dont think twice...just give him one tight slap across his face. If possible learn some self-defense mechanisms. Kick-boxing would be good. Dont shy away from rasing your voice if you encounter any trouble. But if you have not seen the pevert's face...all you can do is pray to god for your safety. And if you are faced with a really bad situation, don't hesitate to call up 103.

For further details, see this link:

Note: I am not a feminist, but I believe in Gender Equality. Next in line: How women should not use Sexual Harassment as means to settle scores with men.


itsakash4u said...

Shaant Lady bheem shaant.
Relax! Drink some water...
well u r right up to 95%, as i think.
Use of mirchi powder is also good with kick boxing. It may benifit in 2 ways, safty + chances of Gold in olympics.
So i respect ur thoughts - right punishment to right culprit.

Ajith said...

Tight slap and Kick boxing ! - world has really become unsafe to live.
Hopufully u ll not apply your kick boxing skills to mere admirers of beauty (like me) :)

Rum said...

A mighty knee kick right where it hurts the most is the best remedy. Else hammer the pricks with anything that'd cause colossal pain! Thats exactly whats required to deal with these pigs..

A S said...

hii Gayathri

very nice post I must say....India is male dominated .... we boast of culture, where are the cultural values left?? fathers rape their own daughters ??? ....we have alwayz been using culture as a mask to cover our shame..... ..ladies must take precaution as much as possible..kick boxing is a nice idea ;D

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

@itsakash4u...blame it on the hot weather, its really difficult to keep your cool. Wonder if kick-boxing is counted in Olympics. If yes then I am sure I would be the next abhinav bindra. Thanks for visting my humble blog :)

@ajith, there is no harm in admiring beauty. But groping and making obscene remarks cannot be tolerated.

@rum, yep knee kick is also a good idea.

@AS, seriously world is so unsafe. With a slow-coach judiciary such as ours, all we can do is ensure our own safety by learning some self-defence techniques.

raMmY said...

Firstly Congrats for the Job!! back to the "professional" world!
Now... the real topic.. GAWD!! the anger- i'm sure you might have killed the piglet if he was around you. Good for you infact good for every women who wants to protect herself.
I'm a little wary of going to the judiciary point though.I feel the present judicial system will induce more pain and insult to the victim than providing justice. And i'm sure the hope of the system to go better is at the grimmest best!.
In times when cultural-fanatics and f***** fundamentalists rule the roost, defiance and resistance is the only way out. Give that bastard one where it pains the most. Muster up courage - drag that psychotic being out in open and humiliate him in public.
Make sure he's recognized in the crowd for being unruly towards women - More than the physical torture,this public humiliation which make him go sick of himself!

Above all every women should feel good and strong about herself and should be ready take the bull by the horn.

Appreciate your thoughts :).. the post that you mentioned in the last seems even more interesting!!! waiting for it!


Shiv Lingam said...

Yes. They have submarine hands. A "safety pin" would be the quickest weapon...No wonder it's called so...

Parikshith Kumar said...

I sell pepper-spray. 10 rupees 50 paisa per can ( this special discount is applicable to you, my dear friend, because you have written such a wonderful post). The pepper, coming from my own personal plantation, is of extremely high- quality, which would cause the loser man go 'Ackshoo' all his life, and cause other grave things. The effect from my pepper-spray can be so tremendous, that the loser man will not touch a woman again - not even his wife. Let me know where to courier this product of mine(I also grow cashew, coffee and opium too - totally unrelated to this comment I know, but hey whats in a little marketing )

And my advice to you and all other women - don't just limit yourself to slapping the loser. Give him a football style kick right between his legs. The loser deserves it. And that will hurt, I can tell you ( I mean I haven't been kicked between the legs as yet , I only hope I am kissed between... oh gross never mind.)

Shiv Lingam said...

True. Mirchi powder, pepper spray etc are good weapons but not when sprayed on an innocent victim (In most cases the only persons nearby will be conductor / innocent bystander / old man etc). Safety pin will poke the submarine hand, drown it and let the submarine whistle leading us to the real owner.

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

@rammy...thanks. I am back to the employed world. As for what you said...I totally agree with you. Woman need to be brave and drag that psychotic man out and give him one punch on the place that hurts the most. But hardly does any female do that. They are worried about public embarassment and all that, hope they become aware that in this badi- buri duniya...self defence is what works.

@shiv lingam, safety pins are a good option too. but they dont cause as much pain as a kick does. courier me those pepper sprays, mirchi powder and some opium too ;-)
You are free enough to market your products on my blogs. I wont charge you...

Unknown!!! said...

I am a late lateef in commenting this post!..
I don't think there is anything feminist in raising this issue.
I've seen something happening in front of me and was about to get into fight for that but then avoided for some other reasons. I've seen how the lady's voice was trembling when this happened. Felt so bad for her, Later we accompanied her till her place. GOD knows how many are there out ..going through this every minute..
yea paper spray, pins are must.. capital punishment is very apt but it can again be misused in punishing innocent people also..better not to have that...

Mona said...

A wise thought my gal! have gone thru a lot of torture when i used to change trains at kurla to goto pain-well for my college. I seriously wished i was gabbar to at that time! its unfortunate that these scoundrels get away with such things so easily in our society. the law needs to take this very seriously.

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

@unknown...late lateef,i excuse you for commenting so late. As said by you, capital punishment can be bad for innocent probably it is unwise of me to suggest that...but as a woman who has been a victim of it once or twice so that emotion was bound to be there.

@ mones, hehehe chal lets become gabbar. what say?

Anonymous said...

nice thoughts mam. the thing i will appreciate is your suggestions to your sisters (women) to learn some self defense techniques and tackle the situation because until and unless a victim will not stand for herself nobody can help her.
and please don't support the capital punishment for the accused in crime against women cases because in one of ur own article u have said that the women has power which she can mishandle against the men.

DPhatsez said...

Truth be told, the title of the post intrigued me :)
Its pathetic that ladies have to go through what you've described. Its been going on for ages. Trust me, I come from Kerala :) My mum beat up her fair share of um 'villains' :)
Pepper spray is a practical solution.
But then again i really don't get it. How hard is it to follow "you can look but you can't touch"

:) Oh now if you go around saying that i can't look at women then im resigning as a guy.

New post up. Guaranteed to make you smile. Your post oozes WRATH!Ooo! im scared ;)