A letter from aam janta

Dear noble netas,
I, an aam janta of this beautiful country took special efforts to go to the polling booth, stood in a never ending line, braved the hot sun, got my left hand's middle finger painted and casted my vote to a candidate (who by the way does not even reside in any of my constituency's areas).

I know you all are maha sad because the voter's turnout has been low everywhere. Add to it the chindi mindi political parties, regional parties, independent candidates...uff you must be under lot of stress naa. So as a responsible citizen, I have made a list of ace cardiologists who would treat upon you incase if you get a heart attack (out of shock, happiness, stress or eating unhealthy food with our hard earned money).

Well, now that I fulfilled my duty towards the country by voting...I wish to exercise the right that has been bestowed upon me by the constitution. I have been given the freedom of expression...so I am going to use this now. I know my blog is not going to be read by you, yet I am enlisting my queries here. If by mistake you come across my blog...do answer me!

So here are my questions:

1. Ok, so once you win...will u abolish reservations? An individual should get admissions in IIT and IIM on the basis of his/her merits not on the basis of his caste, religion or region. If reservation is necessary, then offer seats to the one's who are economically deprived and not to those who do not work hard but get admissions in ace institutes because they belong to some so-called deprived caste. I hate the current reservation policies. So please do something about it.

2. Will you learn to wrap up things quickly? Right from Sky-walks to a Bandra-Worli Sea link...everything is going on since Jodha-Akbar's zamana. Why should we suffer daily. We are NOT INTERESTED in TREKKING...so kindly get this done ASAP and let us walk without jumping over bricks and balancing on the cement bags.

3. Will you talk about the PRESENT, there are many other pressing issues on our head. STOP your blame game. We don't want to know who was in power when Babri Masjid incident happened, we are keen on knowing which party is going to provide us with strong security. No Indian now has the strength to face yet another terror attack.

4. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. Have you heard of this? If not, please follow this, because boss the inner fights between the states has left us aam janta unattended and unprotected. Every other country knows what's happening within our nation, why expose our weakness to other coutries? Ashoka the great once said: LIVE and LET LIVE. So it would be great if we stop fighting and work towards making OUR country a successful country.


6. Finally, can we have our index finger painted instead of the middle finger. Yesterday when I entered my office...my boss asked me if I voted. The show-off that I am, I responded to his question by showing him my middle finger. I realized my folly only after I saw his face turn beetroot red. And I have not yet got my salary. So please EC next index finger haan.

These are my queries. I know I won't get any answers. But then it's ok...I wrote this to vent out my inner frustration. Now that I am done with it, I can resume back to playing NFS now.

Your's truly,
Aam Janta


DPhatsez said...

Sahi farmaaya janaab.
Btw LOL @ last point! Bechaara Boss ko bhi nahin choda tumne.

Oye! Word verification bandh karo. Its a real pain.


Sandeep said...

Nice views about the current affairs....

Vinnie said...

hehhehehe...yeh sahi tha:)

vaise, at least this way u got to point ur finger at ur boss:) :)

i guess we all become the Common Man when utterly hopeless n then write our frustrations here at blog:)

read this :http://vinsthepooh.blogspot.com/2008/12/sincere-appeal.html

this was my frustration on mumbai terror attacks n media having fun

itsakash4u said...

Bosss se badla..
Chalo kuch to kaam aya election.


Anonymous said...

There's one point that I would like to add:

Politicians must stop the mud-slinging during elections and instead should concentrate on their respective agendas and focus on ways to improve the system. We are not interested in who is saying what against whom. All we need is a better life and a better nation with adequate security. Why cant parties fight elections without pinpointing each others' follies?

A S said...

hii Gayathri :D
nice one yaar.... these politicians are thick skinned species that are active only during the voting season.. inse ummed lagana time waste hai..

be the change u want 2 be... take the lead :)

mast post hai :) liked it !

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

@DPhatsez, i did that by mistake :)...as for word verification...fine bandh karti hoon...even i find it quite weird.

@sandeep, thanks buddy. do keep visiting!

@vinnie...i read that blog of your's. It was too good...and we had the same pic of the common man.We common man are the neglected set of people :(

@itsakash4u seriusly election of some use to me...

@gary, even i never understood the reason why these bunch of idiots never realize their folly. Everyone wants to play the blame game...no one is keen in doing anything for us.

@AS thick skinned species...hahaha yes true...u have given a good tag for them.

Suresh Kumar said...

Nice One... and will we get the answers.... We would definitely be kept waiting for a long time.

BTW I went to vote and found my name missing and they said I can't vote. I just returned without voting. Lets hope next time they do have my name.

raMmY said...

ah!!! there you go... well done( was actually waiting for one such post of yours!)....
Hot as the summer heat is the post of yours. Dunno if its because of sheer anger towards the callous attitude of netas or maddening heat wave across in ur region - Frankly dosent matter as long as u write them!
Like you said - These netas are and should be made accountable to whatever they promise in the pre-run to elections .
The aam junta should be given the right/choice/chance to look at the performance of the govt and let them know if they are happy with the results so far - and in case of any issues, the people must be allowed to question the stakeholders in the govt. I think thats how we can take the development forward.

And regarding the "Kasab Azmal" shit..yea true therz no point in dilly-dallying the case for any reason wotsover( i'm on the verrge of writing somethinga bt it too)

well written and i simply love the Rk Laxman's cartoon!

P.S: Howz the boss doing now after the Finger show! :P

P.S++ : speaking of "aam" junta.. i'm reminded of the juciy aam!! ah! summer holidays and the aam and grand mom's place! MISS DEM SO MUCH!! (LOL...out of context... couldnt help it - the thought of the aam makes me crave for them!)

like always..pleasure readin ur posts..keep the kick alive!


Unknown!!! said...

Guru.. what happened to you..totally rebellious posts these days..am proud that you voted..and are one of the very few responsible mumbaikers.
Cant agree more to those points!
...add one more point to that ..birds have to be provided extra security we are sick of the bird flu..and now swines are in competition with us.:D
oho NFS..which one? even we play NFS u know ;)

Anonymous said...

@ GAya3..

Sorry... perhaps I missed that point while going through your post. You had indeed mentioned that the blame-game of the politicians must stop.

Parikshith Kumar said...

It would have been a good idea to show your applikason phorm to the netas, but most of them are bloody illiterates or have studied only till 4th std - so they can't understand complex English sentences...

Regarding the voter's nail-polish, we can insist to EC that they apply it completely and properly on the finger-nail, just like Lakme nail-polish. Heck, I mean had I been the marketing executive of Lakme, then I'd have got that product out in the market - just imagine the demand for such a nail polish it. And I would have advertised it with good taglines like:
Lakme Voter's Nail polish - Vote daalo ab sundarta se...

Lakme Voter's Nail Polish - "Ab sabko ungli karo"

Rum said...

The answer to all your questions is a BIG NO. Mark my words.
While it feels good to see people being hopeful, the issue is they are hoping against hope. Lets see what happens when Monsoon hits Mumbai. I wanna know who's gonna take up ownership and ATLEAST try to set things right. I wanna know if they WOULD ATLEAST start doing something good instead of farting from their mouths.

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

@sureshkumar, thanks for visiting my blog. Yaa sadly, even my friend could not find his name on the voter's list...callous attitude of EC is to be blamed.

@rammy...hehehe blame it on heat, i just cannot keep myself calm. And y r u missing aam...u dont get there o what? Boss is doing fine...went on a holiday...I should not be blamed for this :)

@unknown...yaa yaa will add that point birdie. I know birds kaa publicity kam ho gaya naa.

@gary...yeah i had mentioned that point but its fine we all share the same thoughts.

@parikshith wht r u doing in software industry...codes likhna chod...get into the advertising field. I bet u will do very well. Awesome captions boss!

@rum...i know none of my questions are going to be answered. And the answer as u said is a big 'NO'...even i am waiting to see what the new government is going to do for us.

Scattered Thoughts... said...

you made a blunder dear.. apne vichar hindi main likhne chaiye the .. now even if they will come to your blog, half of them wont understand a damn word.. and end up thinking that you are praising them :))

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

@ST...hahaha yaa i am such a dumb person...i should have written this in shudh hindi...err, but what if mr. karunanidhi reads it? And if raj thackrey reads it...he would demand me to write it in marathi...so bearing in mind the barriers...i decided to write in english.

Scattered Thoughts... said...

you better pray that Mr. Raj Thakerey does not read it otherwise be it any language there will be 1000 shiv sainiks outside of your home throwing stones, putting every that comes to way into fire and what not :)) now I am sure you really don't want that :))

Whats in a Name said...

First timer here..

Ever seen, a snake going straight ?
It doesnt.. It cannot!!!!!
Thts why we cant expect our Netajis to act straight as well!!!!!

Whats in a Name said...

the blog looks great.. went through some older posts of yours as well.. Very well written..

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

@ST, godness gracious i just hope the sainiks and MNS do not hit me or hit on me...whatever. BTW u run the risk of being hit too...u have said raj thackrey is from shiv sena...he's actually from MNS...

@what's in a name...my god what cool PJ's you have in your blog yaar. Too good...i am laughing like anything. Welcome to my blog! Thank u!!!

Mona said...

Thats an awesome post gurl!

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

@mona, thanks guruji! :)

Quest said...

You would like to have a look at this-I, AN INDIAN

Moulin said...

All the points listed down need to be answered by the politicians but let me answer the last two.

It may seem ridiculous that crucial time was wasted in trying to identify whether Ajmal was a minor or a major when the crime was committed and whether is he is still a minor but it was the most important task keeping in mind the bigger outcome.

Had he been a minor (thank god he is not) then Ajmal would have been the luckiest person on earth. The reason is that India has a separate code for the minors - The Juvenile Justice acts. Hence he would have had to face the Juvenile Justice Board and in no way could he be charged under the Code of Criminal Procedure (the one that is followed all over India for criminals above 18).
Also, a juvenile in India can never be sentenced to death or life imprisonment neither be sent to prison. He can only be sent to a remand home and in Ajmal’s case it would have been a special home as his presence in the remand home may prove detrimental to other delinquencies.
Do not bother too much about the spelling either, as, if the offender turns out to be a minor, then his actual name cannot be published anywhere as per the same law.

The reason why the index finger wasn't inked is because just a month back in some parts of India, the local elections took place and the EC thought that the ink stain may not have been completely wiped off. Prepare to flash your index finger for the Maharashtra State Assembly elections though!

Nyway a middle-finger salute to the politicians was the right gesture...Keep writing and updating.. Looking forward to browse through your blog page at least twice a day.

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

@quest...thanks, sure will look through your blog now...

@moulin...thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for your comments. Enough has been said about Kasab...i am surprised with the amount of money being invested on this cocky terrorist...not even half of it is being put on us. As for the middle finger thing...I thought EC was keeping up with the youth trend...hehehe middle finger salute, now that was a good one!

Sharad Sharma said...

questions 1-5 are serious questions .. I will be glad if the MPs care about even one of them for a start.

Spending money on Kasab is preposterous.. I blogged about it in my post - Fair Trialsand got flak from my lawyer friends as usual :P
..do read when time permits.

oh that in no way means that 6th point was trivial :) got to be the index finger..luckily,I got the mark on the index.
I wonder if this was the reason why majority of the electorate in Mumbai preferred not to vote :\

Abhinav said...

Alle! My latest post is a waste after reading this! hehe..

hey why did u Mumbaikars hv middle finger painted??
When I went to vote, i brought forward my middle finger (after seeing those stars!) but he snatched my index finger along with my hand (nahi beta, yeh wali laao!) and painted it.. i had to snatch it back coz he was so keen on painting it.. even after so many days.. I still hv the voting mark! :P

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

@abhinav...same pinch we shared the same thoughts...as for the middle finger thing...i guess there was some election thing happening that's why the middle finger.

Abhinav said...


I know there were elections! I m just asking why the middle finger when in the rest of India they marked INDEX finger!

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

no no u did not get me...i said there was some other elections besides LS elections in some parts of maharashtra, so many of them had an ink mark on their index finger...to keep it uniform they painted our middle fingers instead of the index finger.