No one killed Aarushi???

You definitely know a lot about her. The mysterious murder of Aarushi and Hemraj is back in focus. Two years gone and the guilty has not yet been caught let alone being punished. Few evidences point towards her father, however, there are still many loopholes. We obviously cannot do anything about it (except for lighting candles in front of her smiling photo at India Gate and Gateway of India).

But we can certainly pray for Aarushi and Hemraj. Pray that their soul RIP and that the guilty is punished soon.


I happened to come across Aarushi's profile on Orkut and though I find it weird about how could people write scraps and ask her questions such as kaisi ho? when she has already passed away; I feel that this mass prayer (through scraps) for her justice would surely do some miracle and help in punishing the guilty.

This is just one of those high profile murders (Jessica Lal, Priyadarshini Matto and Nitish Katara being the others) that has garnered media attention. While this case may get solved sooner or later, there are several cases that are pending since time immemorial and have not attracted media's attention maybe because it does not involve rich families. Hope justice is meted out to these families too and hope that it is not yet another example of Tareekh pe tareekh for them.


Harman said...

hope she gets justice and her soul rest in peace...

Hit Wicked said...

Oh damn. Movie on this? Shameful.

What the only thing I can do is that pray for her soul to rest in piece and lets hope CBI acts sane and bring her justice.

pRasad said...

since last 1-2 years, even media has stopped following this case cause it doesn't find MASALA anymore.. Only media could have helped to start probe again in this case.

but what I wonder is , how come even CBI could not find the guilty?.. afterall it's C B I ..phew ..

Anita :) said...

Hmm what you said is absolutely true G3. Even in death, the rich and influential get more candles lit and more people sympathizing with them than the aam aadmi. If one scrolls down a news webpage and check those small insignificant news, you can still see rapes, gangrapes, and cold blooded murders. But media captures only sensational news of people who can afford to influence and create waves in politics and CBI. I sympathize for Aarushi and all those who were sincerely associated with her and suffer her loss. So do I feel for anyone whose life was cut short under such circumstances.

Himanshu said...

well i read her story on India Today. Ya its pointing towards his own father. They are doctor by profession. None able to get the motive why she was killed. I think with Aarushi you should also cover the servant. His family is also in a bad shape.
never mind ruthless comments on orkut.

Neha said...

oh there are so many cases in so many streams of law..outrageous! I feel angry when I see these things happening all the time! I see the files kept in dust, I see the papers being used to keep tiffin box! it's sad!!!

dr.antony said...

It is history being repeated.
Most of our investigations take the same path after the initial sound and fury.Then, many unseen interfernces creep in.Bribes,political influence and so on.It just becomes a story afterwards.

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

@harman i hope the same

@hit wicked..seriously yaar pagla gaya KRK :( and typo...its not piece its peace :P (sach bol orkut se kisika scrap copy kiya naa)

@Prasad aarushi's parents have mayawati's support and CBI would not try to take pangas with them.

@anita thats the way of the world, money dominates everything even sympathy of the people. So while Aarushi's case is considered unfortunate etc, a poor girl being raped or killed is considered as her karma

Himanshu yes i should have written about hemraj too but I did not get proper information about him and did not write anything unauthentic.
We can only pray for both of them.

neha its really sad that many of these cases are pending since a long time. I seriously feel angry and frustrated...fear of losing job according to me is the only solution for making things better.

dr.anthony...I hope it does not become yet another story :(

A S said...


yes, right..this case has become a puzzle and yes yaar how can pple post such idiotic comments like 'kaisi ho'

Insignia said...

Movie? Idiots!!

Your one sentence got me thinking. "High profile" murders.

Every life on this earth is as precious as the others. Be it of a human or of an ant. How does only few become so important and gain attention and sympathy?

Media, fodder for media! is all I can say. Making money at the cost of someone's feelings and sentiments.

HaRy!! said...

Hmmmm ppl dont leave someone in peace even after death.... how on earth did the censor board allow this crap!

BK Chowla, said...

The stage at which CBI has brought this case to, I see no way she will get justice.

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

@AS...mysterious indeed...though evidences clearly show that her father was responsible for this case

Bindu...true every life is equally precious...but media and even public likes to talk only about murders that has rich n famous. 26/11 is one of the biggest proof for this.

Hary media -be it films or news channels love sensationalism

Chowla Sir...justice for Aarushi looks bleak...we can only pray for Aarushi and Hemraj's justice.

Hit Wicked said...

PEACE* Phew.

Bikramjit said...

WEll dont know waht to write other then pray that jsutice is done and may her sould rest in peace

who knows what happeend and those who know have there mouths shut due to some reason or the other

now we know what CBI does too, they hardly do anything worthwhile the majority of the cases they take never reach the end ...


Matangi Mawley said...

Arushi case is just too bizarre! hope something does happen....

i don't know.. but i have this doubt-- isn't there any 'limitation' for how much a case can prolong for?

what to say--'mera bharat mahaan'!

keep writing!

Jack said...


Visiting after long time for reasons given in my space. I fully agree that there are many cases which are dragging for years after years as those are not in limelight. Other cases cited by you have been at least solved but I do not think this one will ever be. I also sincerely hope and pray that this sensitive issue does not attract some moneyhungary person to make a film. The other one too was in bad taste if you ask me.

Take care

PS : Left comment on previous post too.

Vinnie said... IS a case of Tareek pe tareek...

the Indian Judicial system!