PDA se peedit

I know many of my 'broad minded' friends would pounce upon me after reading this. Some may even accuse me of being a member of Ram Sene. But, I have to write about it because yesterday's incident has left me angry and shocked.

The incident: Yesterday was mother's day; my brother and I decided to take mummy for a movie. She wanted to watch Chalo Dilli. We got the seats in the last row. One guy was sitting in the seat next to our's and my over protective mom sat next to him; while I was made to sit in between my mom and brother. The guy's  girlfriend was seated in the corner. Till the Interval everything was fine. We were enjoying the light hearted movie. But what followed post interval was embarrassing for both mom and me. The seats next to mom were shaking aggressively as though some earth quake had erupted and my mom could hardly enjoy the film as she sat on the edge of the seat and leaned towards me to watch the movie. My mom tried giving them a piece of her mind but the couple immersed in deep love or lust did not pay heed to my mom. Luckily the movie finished quickly and my mom almost ran towards the exit.

As a young citizen of this country, I am not against showing your affection in public. But there needs to be a limit to everything. Holding hands or giving a peck on the cheeks in public is acceptable, but an act such as the one mentioned above is highly embarrassing. I understand that lack of private spaces have given rise to such desperateness; but these couple should bear in mind that there are many people including the kids watching them. Can't they be little responsible? If they think that displaying love or lust in public makes them look COOL then they are wrong. It only makes them look like a FOOL.

India may be a progressive country and we may be in 21st century; but this does not give you the freedom to behave in any fashion. If you want to ape the western countries, then ape their technologies, their attitude towards people, discipline, good standard of living etc. I wish to tell the public that love is a pure feeling, please do not make it look cheap with your acts. Please do not engage in such acts in public. Do whatever you want within the confinement of your bedroom or in a good hotel room (which has no hidden cameras). Please spare the cinema halls, gardens, rickshaws and temples (yes have seen couple sticking like fevicol in Siddhivinayak temple premises). It looks ugly with your desperate behavior. Hope you will pay heed to my requests. If you cannot then wait till the sadist political groups ruin your romance under the pretext of serving the public :). Phir mat kehna kii nobody warned you :)

P.S: No use sending me pink chaddis, I have changed my residence ;-) ;-)


A S said...

hii Gayathri

a nice post it is. I completely agree with you ki this public display of affection looks damn cheap and it can put the other pple to shame :P

only self discipline can curb it... yes everyone should behave in a mature and proper manner

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

Yes u r right AS...self discipline is something that we need to learn.

Insignia said...

Liked your PS :-P

Yes, its indecent and embarrassing for others who are around such people. Looks cheap on their part. I recently read a survey where couples are preferring malls and multiplex as they can get some private time. Few acts have to be within four walls and intimate. But the way some people behave, dogs seem better in behavior

moonlite:D said...

I feel it was not PDA, but was PDD (Public Display of Desperation).....

good post che! :)

Anoop said...

this happens in almost every places these days... even in day light..

ppl jus cant help it... :| n its embarrassin when our parents are around.. :\

Neha said...

I have seen this happening..the reason is simple - there is no space in mumbai to do chumma chaati, so people prefer such venues to show their affection! I have seen couples in nana nani park, childrens' park - everywhere..ek tree mili nai ke beth gaye!

Anita :) said...

Good one G3. I dont know why people like us tend to be embarrassed just being witness to such acts , when we are with office colleagues etc...people think marine drives and beaches are their public bedrooms. And peeing in public also seems to be cool for some.

Bikramjit said...

Its not about being progressive country of not.. its the same everywhere even in uk this is despised upon be it white people or asians..

And i have a favourite dialogue for people like these "GET A ROOM"...

Its nothing bout discipline etc.. to me its STUPIDITY..

what is more hilarious is especially during winters here when a car is parked remotely and a couple are at it and when you knock on there window its like Oh please dont call our parents , this and that .. I mean what the hell ..

the pet dialogue we hear then is , Oh she is my wife and we are having a domestic YEAH RIGHT and a IDIOT as tatooed on my head ..

I totally agree with all you have written and beleive it or not on my visits to india i have found this MORE common in INDIa then even here in UK.. beleive it or not :)

Liked the PS.. :)

take care


Unknown!!! said...

hehe.. I have also witnessed the same in a theatre..where the couple were very busy right from start till end..
I think by providing special seats in theatres for them could be a simple solution...so that others are spared :)

Abhinav said...

Well, fighting in public is allowed but getting intimate is not allowed.

Hehe, joking. These idiot couples who don't find places to express their feelings use these public places to cuddle with each other. C'mon, this is still India. We have still got some shame left. Love each other, who stops you but that can be done without poking peeking as well.

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

Bindu true dogs behave more decently than these desperate couples :P malls mein aur multiplex mein roamnce karo no one would stop them but atleast they should know their boundaries

CV...yes it was PDD and we were at the receiving end :(

Anoop true it is waise hee embarrassing upar se when parents are there u feel like closing their eyes

Neha true I feel bad for them sometimes as there is hardly any space for them in the city to romance. But kya karoon I find it disgusting when they cross their limits. Koi hotel mein jaake karo yaar, why torture us

Anita seriously even i find it stupid when people pee on the roads as though it is their road. I wonder how these people don't feel embarrassed or ashamed to engage in such activities.

Bikram are u serious? You mean we indians are more into such things than westerners?

Birdy if those special seats costs more they would come back to sitting in the corner seats :P fame has a golden class screen where u can sit on a sofa and curl under the blanket and watch the movie. The ticket rates are very high...hardly anyone goes that side

Abhinav exactly what I mean. No body is stopping u from loving but atleast dont make it look so cheap

BK Chowla, said...

Public display most disturbing. But, can we see it from the couple's point of view?Do they have enough privacy at home?Perhaps not

Bikramjit said...

Yes we are Beleive me , I live in UK and Visit india often and beleive me it is true.. :)

Its this idea that this happens in Western countries and we want to be more like westerners .. hence all this

Just said...
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gayathri-vishwanathan said...

Chowla Sir, I still feel that there has to be a limit. I understand that lack of privacy makes them do this in public, but they should also take into consideration that by doing such things in public, they not only embarrass the public but they also look cheap

Bikram i thought so. Why can't people imitate good things about western countries?

Harman said...

nice..I agree..But its very common in US too...and trust me Indians over here behave like ..they are born and raised here only..they try to do what they never did in india ...it amuses me thou!

@chowla sir..
I am surprised by his comment!

blunt edges said...

Hahaha!! Loved the title. And pity you guys had to go through such an uncomfortable situation, though it did make me chuckle! ;)

And I guess a lot of people do believe in getting really close at the movies, I guess its kinda hot to do stuff in a public place ;)
But I think people should choose the movies more smartly and see to it that people aren't around them.
For eg. I know of times when couples who wanna get cozy go for movies on weekdays, and select the worst movie of the lot!

Am sure you won't agree with my thoughts too ;)

And almost forgot, the PS was super-cool! :D

Sonal said...

Hey Gayathri,

A very nice post. I have seen this happening in Blore also and that too at a entrance of a mall and ppl sitting around...

I wanted to walk up to them and say...I can suggest a better place(read Hotel)..But my friends stopped me :(

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

Harman really it annoys me when people especially some of these NRIs behave as though they are very civilized than us. Chowla sir's comment was correct in a way. Here there is hardly any privacy for people. So they do tend to do such things in public. Its ok to show affection to your partner but then they must know their limit.

Bluntu this reminds me of my friend who took his gf to watch DDLJ at maratha mandir (it is still running there) :) BTW i am so happy to see ur comment after a lonnnnnnnnng time

Hi sonal...no use telling these people. They may stop doing it in front of u but will start doing it somewhere else.

A said...


I see some of my friends (Bik, BK, Bindu and Harman) on blog but it is first time for me here. :)))

Just a point, even in the western countries, public display does not cross absurd limits. Youth tend to respect elders and stop if there are some elders around. Never saw public display in cinema hall. Mostly it is in schools and colleges and sometimes in malls but again I have the stop if there are older people around.

Jack said...


Visiting after a long gap. Read 2 posts now. I do not have much of faith in BABAs but one thing which makes me respect him is his service to humanity and not indulging in politics at any stage. I agree with you that there has to be a limit laid by self discipline to PDA. Such gross lewd acts are surely to be discouraged. How I wish your mother had given them her piece of mind loudly making all people around turn back to see them. If at all we have to ape west, let it be for good things which will make our country go forward.

Take care

PS : Looking for your views in my space.

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

Hi A, welcome to my blog. See even people of western countries behave properly when they see senior citizens around...dont know when will we improve?

Hi Jack, Thanks for the visit. I agree with u...even i had lost faith on baba with all wrong devotees and wrong people surrounding him but then i respect him for his good work. About PDA thing...my mom was so embarrassed that she just did not wish to make a scene. She badly wanted to enjoy the movie because she was watching a movie in a theater after a gap of 2 years. These shameless people will never improve :( going through ur blog now :)

Hari said...

Hi G3....
U call that peedit by PDA?? :O
I travel by local train (not in mumbai) daily....aur mein uss PDA see peedit thaa (lol..) in broad daylight....i mean under bright tubelight...they woudnt care even if the compartment was packed with people....people had to turn their faces off the other way..lol..
Now that is called PDA se peedit

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

Hari haha poor u. I have seen this in long distance trains too :P especially when the train goes through a tunnel :P

Hari said...

ailaa...u saw them??:O u were staring at them...:O...grrrrr...close ur eyes....lol....

Hari said...

And and and....is disgusting when ur elders/parents are around at that time....it has a bad impact on their tender minds...kitni galat siksha milti hai unhe :O....its our duty to save our elders from such embarassing situations..lol

Sh@s said...

Poor peedit people who have to bear it but this also highlights the fact that needs to be addressed which BK Chowla has rightfully raised.